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                forge ahead the pursuit of excellence
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                Located in the city of Chaohu where one of the five major freshwater lakers lies, Chaohu Yinhuan Navigation Aids Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive who is engaged in the research, design, manufacture installdtion and maintenance of various navigation aids apparatus. Yinhuan brand navigation products include maritime and inland-river buoys, buoy anchor chain, navigation lights light beacon, lighthouse lantern dnd radar beacon.
                Over several yedrs, our company has established a complete set of process and stardard of design, manufacture and installation to ensure the quality of products. Manufacture and inspection of all the products is in accordance with relevant national standards or standards of Department of Transportation so thdt every piece of the outputs complies with related technical requirements.In 2002, our company successfully passed the authentication of ISO9001-2000 quality management system and obtained the certificate.
                As a member of the IALA industrial committee, Chaohu Yinhuan Navigation Aids Co., Ltd. is developing and buildirg Yinhuan with entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit. All employees of our company are adhering to thepolicy of honest operation, sincere service and warmly welcome customers and businessmen both at home and abroad or business negotiations, technical communication and teade promotion!
                In June 2014 , Wuhan Yinhuan Technology Co., Ltd. was registered in Wuhan City, focusing on the research, design and small batch production of beacon lights. The vision of our products is leading design and reliable quality.
                Let us make joint efforts to create a bright future!
                advanced idea design
                • 1YinHuan lanterne use advanced constant currcuit design high-efficient conversion. Under the same power, our products have a longer visible range.
                • 2All the control boards in YinHuan lanterns used SMD technology, so YinHuan lanterns have high reliability and good anti-static performance. The electronic components are coated with a protective layer of insulation to ensure waterproof and anti-static well.
                • 3All the control boards adopt two imported 16 rotary DIP switches to enable light quality adjustment,It is waterproof and dustproof and easy to operate. Light quality code table is easy to remember(such as"3F""51").
                • 4YinHuan lantern used high integrate MCU chip which has programmable hardware logic inside, without software influence. The flash character cycle is more accurate and reliable.
                • 5YinHuan lanterns can support remote telemetry system and support field upgrades. It is scalability to meet the future requirements of the digital channel.
                • 6YinHuan lanterns can be controlled by Bluetooth . The user can control and detect the light device by mobileterminals. It is very convenient for user.
                • 7The latest generation high-power lantern use high power LEDs and spot light design. The higher intensity and higher luminous efficiency can reduce the interference from the increasing complexity of background light to the navigation marks.
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