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                YinHuan Navigation Aids
                Founded 20 years
                A total of 20+
                honor certificate
                Serving 1000+
                companies worldwide

                About YinHuan Navigation Aids

                Located in the city of Chaohu where one of the five major freshwater lakes lies,Chaohu Yinhuan Navigation Aids Co.,Ltd. is a comprehensive manufacturer who is engaged in the research,design,manufacture,installation and maintenance of various navigation aids apparatus,"Yinhuan"brand navigation products include maritime and inland-river buoys,buoy anchor chain,navigation lights,light beacon,lighthouse lantern and radar beacon.

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                Why Choose us

                "YinHuan"brand navigation products include maritime and inland-river buoys,buoy anchor chain
                navigation lights,light beacon,lighthouse lantern and radar beacon.

                As a member of the IALA industrial committee

                All employees of our company are adhering to the policy of "honest operation,sincere service"and warmly welcome customers and businessmen both at home and abroad for business negotiations,technical communication and trade promotion!

                Wide product coverage

                Yinhuan is a comprehensive enterprise engaged in the research, design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of various navigation devices. Yinhuan brand navigation products include sea and river buoys, buoy anchor chains, navigation lighthouses, lighthouse lights and radar beacon lights.

                International authority certification

                In 2002, our company successfully passed the ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification and obtained the certificate.

                Improve the service system

                Over the years, our company has gradually established a set of processes, standards and standards for design, manufacture and installation of products in practice. All products are manufactured and tested according to the relevant national standards or the standards of the Ministry of Communications, so that every product delivered is manufactured Related technical requirements.